Match Report
Brentwood School 1st XI vs  Highgate School
On: Wednesday, 15 Nov 2017
Venue: Away

A positive and very pleasing performance from the First XI Hockey girls against a strong Highgate School. Spurring the team forward after a lengthy absence with a knee injury was Lily Spencer-Smith, scoring with a superb strike from a short corner to put Brentwood ahead. A slight lapse in concentration meant the scores were equal at half time with one goal a piece, but the girls were confident from their dominant performance in the first half that they could win the game. Brentwood controlled most of the second half and combined this with a more clinical approach in front of goal. Also adding their name to the score sheet was Connie Bell, Ashley Chambers and Megan Lee (player of the match) who’s second goal was simply outstanding, taking the ball past two players before a reserve stick shot found the back of the net. A dominant 5-1 win and a well deserved victory of which every player should be very proud of.