Match Report
Brentwood School 1st XI vs  Bancroft's School
On: Wednesday, 20 Sep 2017
Venue: Away

Brentwood fought hard against a well organised Bancroft's XI who applied constant pressure on our defence for most of the first half. The defensive quartet consisting of Mia Skipper, Clare Heywood, Sophie Hirst and Lucy Twyford resiliently battled away for the whole game, but in the first half some well worked moves put Brentwood on the back foot despite their best efforts. Following the half time debrief including insight from the injured Lily Spencer-Smith resulted in a completely different half, where Brentwood led from the front with attacking prowess, moving the ball at speed and capitalising on mistakes from Bancroft's back line. Two goals from Skye Lynch excited the girls at the prospect of drawing back on the first half deficit but good goalkeeping and defensive play thwarted Megan Lee (Player of the Match) and Beth Sullivan on that advance. The girls should not look on the result as a reflection of their ability, but what they can achieve when they tackling with meaning and move the ball with speed on a more consistent basis.